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O'Dwyer & Associates Architects, Malahide, Co Dublin.

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Dublin Architects, Commercial and Domestic

O’Dwyer & Associates Architects, Dublin, Ireland, is a full service firm with more than 30 years commercial and domestic experience. Based in Malahide in North County Dublin, O’Dwyer & Associates develops practical, creative and cost-effective designs for commercial and industrial developments, apartments and housing, and for private houses and homes. Our architects handle every type of building project, including new build, one-off houses, commercial, office and retail. We have architects on our team who specialise in sustainable buildings and and in conservation architecture.

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Highly Experienced Architects

O’Dwyer & Associates provides a comprehensive service, including design, planning, sustainable architecture, conservation architecture, commercial fit-outs, and advising on projects from conception to completion. Let our experience guide you through the design, planning and construction process. Getting a good architect involved at the early stages can save you a lot of time, energy and expense.


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